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Female Anatomy Figure Medical Version 3A (1:3 scale)

- compares surface anatomy with muscular system
The most realistic & Medically accurate model available.  Incredibly detailed superficial anatomical dissection.  Realistic skin, hair, eyes and anatomy. Hand painted Bone, Muscle, Tendon, and fascia to highlight anatomical features. Magnetic removable head & arms. Internal turntable for 360° viewing. Incredible value, quality & accuracy. aprox.23x10x5"

Designed, sculpted & painted by Andrew Cawrse
Additional paint & paint design by Jordu Schell

$799.00 + s&h

Female Anatomy Figure Art-Pro Version 2A (1:3 scale)

Medically accurate and incredibly detailed, 1/2 flesh and 1/2 anatomical dissection model. Cast in exact neutral grey satin, creates the complete range of correct light properties for ideal artistic study, removable head and magnetic removable arms. Internal 360° turntable. aprox.23x10x5"

$399.00 + s&h

Female Anatomy Figure Version 1A

- flesh & superficial muscle
Hand painted in an antique palette to highlight anatomical features. Faithfully recreated from a live model, medically accurate and incredibly detailed. 1/2 flesh and 1/2 anatomical dissection model, with magnetic removable head & arms. Internal 360° turntable. Perfect for reference, teaching or study, aprox.23x10x5"/ 58x25x12cm.
Designed, sculpted & painted by Andrew Cawrse

$399.00 + s&h
Unavailable at this time

Female Torso Version 3C

Medically accurate and incredibly detailed, Split sagittal x-section for relativity of the torso & internal organs. Incredibly realistic skin, eyes, hair. Magnetic acrylic sheet overlay with internal organ names.

$369.00 + s&h